In this new podcast in English from Data Stand-Up! Jesus talks to Peetak Mitra, Scientist at PARC and member of Core Team at Climate Change AI. Peetak is a Member of Research Staff/Scientist-II at the fabled Palo Alto Research Center (formerly Xerox PARC), located in the heart of Silicon Valley. At PARC, he works on developing novel AI/ML algorithms and impactful technologies across projects in distributed sensor systems (DARPA Ocean-of-Things), predictive maintenance using Internet-of-Things (Novity), climate modeling/policy, and geoengineering (MCB). In addition to his employment at PARC, he is passionate about using my knowledge for mitigating the negative effects of climate change and am associated with the Climate Change AI group as a Core Team member.

A new episode of our podcast Data Stand-Up! Luisma talks with Jorge Valero Elías, Applications & Data Director at AEDAS Homes, a new-generation property developers, specialising in modern residential designs. With the best land bank in Spain, AEDAS offer superior, sustainable homes in the most highly sought locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Mallorca, Sevilla, Granada, Málaga and Sun Coast, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Pamplona and Vigo.

Jorge Valero has a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the European University of Madrid. His career began in the audiovisual and television sector, working in different television and media production companies until his arrival in Tinsa’s Canal Online area in 2014. Valero was the promoter of Tinsa’s digitization process, directing the online business area, individuals, commercial management and customer service. He was founder and CEO of Tinsa Digital, an international spin-off of the Tinsa group focused on the real estate data business in the proptech industry for two years and is currently Director of data and digital transformation at AEDAS Homes.

In this new episode of our podcast Data Stand-Up! Luisma talks with Alberto Hernando, Founder & CTO at Kido Dynamics, a team are dedicated to generating deep knowledge about the mobility behaviour of millions of people through machine learning technologies leveraged by the science of social physics. From an entire country to a specific area, we tell with high accuracy how people move in any period of time, and unveil powerful insights that will support you in your most critical decisions.

Alberto Hernando de Castro got his PhD in Barcelona on computational quantum physics, and after 10 years of research in some of the top European institutions as the French CNRS or the Swiss EPFL cofounded startup Kido Dynamics, where a team of 20 scientists and engineers democratize the use of Big Data to any business in retail, tourism or mobility thanks to the power of mobile phone network data.

We launched the third season of Data Stand-Up podcast. In this episode Luisma talks to César Cocharán, Chief Data Oficer at Enagás. Cesar works day by day boosting the digital transformation of Enagás, to be a Data Driven company, adapting its business culture to a digital environment and using data to improve its operation in a more secure, efficient and sustainable way.

His career has evolvinving through different roles related to cybersecurity, IT infrastructure and operations, and digital transformation as Chief Data Officer.

• Creating value through data exploitation
• Envisioning data-enabled strategies
• Enabling all forms of business outcomes through analytics
• Establishing data and analytics governance
• Fostering value creation by means of the organization’s data assets and external data ecosystem.

He has also promoted the policy and data administration with the relevant regulatory, legal and ethical mandates.

As an entrepreneur he has been immersed in the direction of SEA, a new startup that reduces the costs associated with the processes of measurement of natural gas through IoT and Machine Learning technologies.

Claire is an authority.

A pioneer who has contributed far beyond her “job”to the evolution of data & analytics, business intelligence and data science.

She has been recognised by DataIQ as one of the 100 most influential people in data and analytics within the UK in 2019. Last year was selected for “Twenty in Data & Technology” as an inspiring role model to others within the industry.

Claire holds an astonishing cross-industry track record of creating and implementing successful initiatives. Various use cases around data innovation, Machine Learning and predictive analytics are presented throughout the call. She has also led and built a diverse, high performing 3 digit data teams in very strict, regulated environments such as the fast-paced financial services industry.

Claire communicates complex technical information for a non-technical audience as very few other people can.

In this podcast, she talks with Jesus (Bedrock Managing Director) about how to create a “data mindset” and how to influence and advise C-level Executives and investors on starting building value rapidly using AI.

En nuestra llamada de hoy desde Data Stand-Up! Jesús habla con Beatriz Moreno, Chief Data Officer / Data Governance en Naturgy. Con ella hablamos sobre la evolución del gobierno del dato en las grandes corporaciones y su experiencia profesional.

Beatriz estudió Derecho en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Administración de Empresas en la Universidad San Pablo – CEU. También cursó estudios en Alemania en la Hochschule Pforzheim mit ihren drei Fakultäten – Gestaltung.

Su primera experiencia profesional la tuvo en el sector financiero trabajando para Citi, posteriormente se marchó a Alemania donde trabajó para BMW AG regresando a España para trabajar como consultora primero en PWG y posteriormente en IBM. Desde hace más de 14 años trabaja para Gas Natural ahora Naturgy siendo actualmente su Chief Data Officer en Data Governance.

This new English series of the Data Stand-up! podcast will be full of interesting guests and respected professional from the Data and AI Industry.

This weekend Jesús calls Bill Schmarzo, “Dean of Big Data”, a pragmatic hands-on influencer and innovator. Bill has been recognised as an industry leader in Big Data, Data Science, Design Thinking and Data Monetisation. In the past he was Chief Innovation Officer at Hitachi Vantara and Chief Technology Officer at EMC.

He has written 4 books “Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business,” “Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science” and the forthcoming “Economics of Data, Analytics and Digital Transformation;” and published over 350 industry-leading articles and educational videos on the application of Big Data, Data Science, AI / ML and IoT to drive data monetisation and digital transformation.

He is also a Professor an has developed and taught the “Big Data MBA”, a course for integrating data and analytics into the operations of the business, at the University of San Francisco School of Management and at the National University of Ireland-Galway School of Business & Economics. He also lectures to numerous universities and organisations worldwide.

The Value Engineering methodology, which he created, drives customer collaboration (co-creation) and organisational alignment in identifying, validating, valuing and prioritising the organisation’s most important business use cases where data and analytics can have tangible and measure impact. For this he integrates Design Thinking with Data Science while employing a “Rapid exploration, rapid testing, failure-empowering, continuously-learning” development methodology.

We briefly introduce with Bill the business-first approach mechanisms for establishing, nurturing, empowering and leveraging Advanced Analytics, Data Science and Value Engineering teams in order to uncover the customer, product and operational insights buried in each organisation’s data.

Click play if you are keen to learn how to drive data monetisation.

En la llamada de este episodio Jesús Templado conversa con Isaac Pernás, Global Head of Application Engineering en JLL Technologies.

JLL es una empresa líder mundial en servicios inmobiliarios gracias a su espíritu emprendedor. Trabajamos con los clientes más ambiciosos y buscan que los profesionales con más talento trabajen para su organización.

Isaac se formó como Ingeniero Industrial en la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y también ha cursado estudios especializados en el mundo financiero. Primero en AFI Escuela a través del MEFC – Master en Finanzas Cuantitativas y posteriormente en el IEB – Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles con el Master en Bolsa y mercados financieros.

Ha desarrollado su actividad profesional trabajando en compañías como: Accenture, IFS – Iberian Financial Software, BBVA, Sareb, Qare y ahora para JLL. También imparte clases en el IEB en disciplinas de Matemáticas Financieras, Derivados, Estructurados, Riesgo de Mercado, Riesgo de Crédito, Carteras Crediticias.

En su rol actual gestiona equipos internacionales y multidisciplinares, ingenieros de aplicaciones y ciencia de datos para crear productos globales innovadores y disruptivos, impulsados por la Inteligencia Artificial.

En esta ocasión en el podcast de Data Stand-Up Jesús conversa con Mariano Muñoz, Manager Data en Acciona.

Acciona es un grupo global de desarrollo y gestión de soluciones sostenibles de infraestructuras, especialmente de energía renovable. Su actividad cubre toda la cadena de valor de diseño, construcción, operación y mantenimiento.

Mariano se formó inicialmente en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, pero también ha cursado estudios en la Universidad Carlos III y en la Uned. Forma parte del Club CDO Spain & Latam que tiene como propósito mejorar como a los profesionales del dato, para así mejorar a las organizaciones y, como consecuencia, mejorar la gestión del dato en nuestra sociedad.

Mariano ha desarrollado su actividad profesional en organizaciones como Teradata, Vodafone, Yoigo, HP, Santander, Mas Móvil, Neinor y Acciona donde lleva ya 3 años.

En esta undédima llamada del podcast de Data Stand-Up Jesús conversa con Carlos Herrera, Chief Techology Officer en Cabify.

Cabify nación en 2011, en Madrid, y se han extendido rápidamente a América Latina. Actualmente operan en Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, España, México, Perú y Uruguay. En 2018 han reafirmado su compromiso con la diversidad y la igualdad al uniéndose al Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas, el mayor proyecto de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa del mundo. Hoy contamos con más de mil empleados directos y ofrecemos oportunidades de autoempleo a cientos de miles de socios conductores, apostando por el talento local.

Carlos es Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y también ha cursado el Master de Estadística y Computación por la misma Universidad y la Complutense de Madrid. Es doctor también por la UPM. Dentro de su vertiente investigadora ha estado durante un año y medio como investigador residente en el MIT.

Dentro de su trayectoria en el ámbito empresarial Carlos inició su actividad profesional en el Colegio Mayor San Juan Evangelista, Agencia Contacto, Traity, Carto y ahora, desde hace casi cuatro años en Cabify donde fue el primer Data Scientist de la compañía.