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…And home to other advanced companies and projects where hybrid, distributed, open teams innovate and learn from collective experience.

LA PIPA is a non-profit initiative focused on developing a collaborative ecosystem that changes and adapts fast.

A sandbox that blends AI, Robotics, Music & Entertainment, Media, and Sustainability through Service Design practices. It signifies a new model for building companies, providing services and designing products, and that is why regional institutions and authorities have supported this mission from the very beginning.

La Pipa data studio

Bedrock embraces change through partnership and open-source developments in this ever-learning environment. It allows us to deal with newness by continuously expanding and sharing our technical-scientific knowledge with others.

LA PIPA truly is a space where futurists, positivists and enthusiastic people from the private and public sectors that want to make a difference, redesign the existing.

La Pipa

Where is LA PIPA?

Our world is digital, and that is why Bedrock works from an old 1800´s solid stone cider mill in Somió, a thriving district in Gijón, Northern Spain. Less than 2 hours´ flight from most major European capitals, LA PIPA offers a unique space to think and focus.

Bedrock benefits from the shining digital and data-tech talent base of Northern Spain, which has helped to replace traditional mining and steel industries in less than 30 years. Gijón is also the safest town in Spain and Southern Europe, attracting the attention of those seeking opportunities and exceptional quality of life.

All this results in a “digital paradise” that is great to live in and work from.

Want to learn more? visit LA PIPA.IO