Privacy policy — Cookies

We gather personal information through forms provided on this website. This is limited to your name, email address, and company name as a subscribing to our mailing list. Additionally, we will ask for your phone number whenever you request being contacted by phone.

The personal data you provide is initially used for the purposes of fulfilling your own request or for answering your question/s. We may also take the opportunity to contact you with regards to news, key company milestones, or an invitation to further discuss your stated interest.

The said personal data will be removed from our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) system within twelve months in the absence of further exchanges. Additionally, you may unsubscribe from our monthly newsletter at any time, through the link provided at the bottom of each message.

Should you wish to find out what we know about you or have stored in the past, you may write to with the subject “Data Subject Request”. This same address can be used to exercise the right that your own jurisdiction may provide to have us remove or edit such details.


In order to guarantee that you find what you are looking for, and to ensure the best user experience possible, this website makes use of analytical cookies to collect aggregate data on website content consumption patterns. Following “waiver” conditions for prior consent specified by the European Union’s Article 29 Working Party, these cookies use IP obfuscation and do not last more than 12 months. Furthermore, we are not associating this information with customer details or advertising platforms of any sort at granular level. Specifically, our websites store the following analytical cookies in the user terminal:

__utma 12 months Google Analytics
__utmb 30 minutes Google Analytics
__utmz 6 months Google Analytics

You can block their individual activity (“opt-out”) through exclusion systems facilitated by Google Analytics, besides making use of your browser’s content and privacy preferences to prevent these or any other cookies from ever being served.

Other cookies: We make use of other first party cookies to enable login-based services, the download of free white papers and website content updates. These cookies are exempted from opt-in requirements under current EU legislation (article 5.3 of the ePrivacy Directive). Disabling them would have the effect of preventing free downloads or access to your Bedrock account. We do not employ third party cookies for behavioral advertising purposes.


We adhere to the strictest security standards available at every level of our interaction with you. This includes but is not limited to SSL encryption and the strictest internal specifications on the security of the information for the processing and storage of your personal data, as well as the manner in which our own personnel deals with it.


Your Google Account is only used by Bedrock as means of authorizing your chosen data sources within your own Bedrock account. This includes any Google Analytics accounts and Google Sheets documents that you may want to define as data sources.

Bedrock’s Subscription Agreement expressly prevents you from connecting Google Analytics or Google Sheets data sources which may contain “personal data”. This includes: Personally Identifiable Information, IP addresses, pseudonymous data, as well as anonymized identifiers of any sort that may be used in conjunction with other data sources at granular level.

Bedrock stores your non-personal information (aggregate Google Analytics and Google Sheets data) for the purposes of complying with our own side of the said Subscription Agreement: allowing you to easily access and distribute non-granular information across your own internal user base. Such storage is subject to strict security procedures and counts on its ISO 27001 certification.

While we may access your non-personal data at your own request in the context of our customer support services, we do not use or share your Google user data (whether personal or not) in any manner.

You may nevertheless withdraw or review your consent status and preferences on the Google Cloud Console at any time: